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Name: "Female Aztec Tattoos" • Ver.: "3.1"
Author: User Link or Lorielthy Elwonfin
Tags: Tattoo, Female, Aztec Tattoos, LoriMods
Contributors: User Link for T&F2.0 Textures. Dricent Vandiel for Weaver Textures. User Link for Scaleless Au Ra Textures.
Races: Female Elezen • Female Hyur Midlander • Female Hyur Highlander • Female Miqo'te • Female Roegadyn • Female Au Ra Raen & Xaela
Comments: A new version for my first mod, the Female Aztec Tattoos, now with better textures and support for other mods. I plan to be the final version of this mod.

✔️ Includes textures for Tight&Firm 2.0 bodies.
✔️ Includes textures for Weaver bodies.
✔️ Includes textures for Scaleless Au Ra.
✔️ Includes PSD files for customization with some optionals. (Freckles, Big Nipples for Nudes, Toenails)

07/29/2018 Edit: Included PSD files for customization.

📤 Download Link: http://lorielthyffxiv.tumblr.com/post/175589827107/femaleaztectattoos

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