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◽ Name: NBP body • Ver.: 1.1
▫ Author: User Link
▫ Tags: NBP • Body • Dick • Penis • Uncut • Perky • Nipples • Pecs • Big • Small • Average • Belly button • Overhaul • Revamp
▫ Contributors: @ColonelSanic, User Link, User Link for New Dong City, User Link and User Link for Schlongs of XIV. Credit goes to everyone who helped to test the mod. Thank you <3
▫ Races: Highlander, Midlander, Elezen, Miqo'te, Au Ra
▫ Comments: Collection of smaller mods for men featuring enhanced body and -almost- seamless transition between different body parts.
Things I have edited/redone/added: dick model, butt, nipples, pectorals,belly button, hands, feet,. Dick/Body texture overhaul.
3 pectorals sizes +Extra size for Highlanders.
3 dick sizes.
2 flaccid options (1 uncut option).
4 erect options (3 uncut options).
8 body texture options.(5 body hair variants + 3 smooth body versions)- 1024x2048
P.S.: Example pictures included. Make sure to install carefully.Flaccid replaces Smallclothes, Erect replaces Emperor's. Pectorals/Feet replace both Smallclothes and Emperor's. Hands replace Emperor's only.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JCRqviqCUMDxoye6jmzwz9T9MvS0KoD3 ~274mb

P.P.S.: https://ko-fi.com/tsarev

UPD v1.1: Fixed the seam/gap appearing on Highlander's average pectorals. Au Ra Specular edited to match diffuse. Hands animation/weights around wrists area edited to look less -noodle- when bent. XLarge_pectorals now include Midlander based races.