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Name: Au Ra Templates Last Updated (07/14)
Author: BIZU#4444 & Titan Firm#8975 & zana#9811
Tags: au ra scales DIY build your own template png cutout scale psd
Races: au'ra au ra aura

How To Use:
Start getting creative because one you learn how to use these cut outs, you can pretty much do anything you want to your au'''''ra. (Or any other race, really.) This set contains several tools to help you customize your scales to how you want. This set was intended for use with photoshop, but .PNGs are provided for those who are more inclined to be GIMPed. This is mainly intended for modders interested in dipping into texture editing and know a decent amount about your image editing software of choice, however, don't be afraid to try and dip your toes into the editing. (It's actually easy)

There are three handy features you'll want to become good friends with.
1. Select -> Color Range
-- Allows you to easily use the templates provided in the TOOLS folder to make selections of the scales/skin.

2. Image -> Adjustments -> Gradient Map
-- Easy way to add color to your scales without losing their definition!

3. Layer Effects, such as Multiply Hue and others fun ones.
--Make those scales look wicked cool and layer neat effects to really make them unique.

Bonus Hint You can use these templates to rip scales off of your 1.0 Body Templates, and add them to your 2.0 Bodies. 😉

What's Included:
• PSD with Layers sorted into appropriate, easy to read folders
• Diffuse/Normal/Specular scale cut outs PNGs
• Scale / Skin Mask cut outs PNGs
• Titan's 2.0 UWV as a PNG
• Gradient Save File

Download Links
Full: https://goo.gl/XET6hc (19MB)
Folder: https://goo.gl/Z8A7Wm

Guide: https://goo.gl/XHXcmL