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Name: Peach Blossom Bracelet • Ver.: 1
Author: User Link
Tags: wrists bracelet peach blossom
Races: au ra hyur miqo'te elezen
Replaces: The Emperor's New Bracelet or Mythrite Bracelets

A peach blossom bracelet made out of the existing choker to finish off the peach blossom set from the Mog Station. There's an option to either replace the Emperor's bracelet or the Mythrite bracelets and to have the bracelet on either the left or right arm.

The bracelet sadly does not fit lalas or male roegadyn without clipping or making it much less tight around the wrist on Au Ra, Miqo'te, Elezen and Hyur.

If you find any issues with the mod or have any requests for changes, please let me know!

Preview: https://imgur.com/MI0mhZ1

Download: https://puu.sh/BvmQM/474870b1d2.7z