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Name: "Kirika Megapack" • Ver.: "1.2"
Author: User Link or Lorielthy Elwonfin.
Tags: Kirika Megapack, Kirika Repca, Kirika Lapis Lazuli, Kirika Ponytail, Phantasy Star Online 2, PSO2, LoriMods
Contributors: User Link for the Body Models. User Link for helping with the Alpha Channel and once again fixing the Blue Channel ♥
Races: Female Elezen • Female Hyur Midlander • Female Hyur Highlander • Female Miqo'te • Female Roegadyn • Female Au Ra Raen & Xaela • Lalafel (Hair)
Replaces: High House Bustle (Long Dress) • Spring Dress (Short) • Hairstyle 112
Comments: A slightly modified version of Kirika Repca and Kirika Lapis Lazuli from Phantasy Star Online. Uses T&F2.0 Small Chest and is made to fit until a T&F2.0 Large Legs. The Megapack contais three mods and options:

Long Kirika Dress • Short Kirika Dress • Kirika Ponytail. (DX9 Option) • Sleeveless Option for both dresses.

:️ Small race port and upscales allowed. I won't be doing it and if someone do, just credit me in the release.
There's no Outfit for Lalafels, just a model fix. The hair works for all female races.

11/28/2018 - Version 1.1: Fixed chain opacity and blue channel of the Short Dress by @zana#9811 ♥. Fixed Neck breaking issues with the Long Dress.

Please re-download if you're having the issues listed above.

F.A.Q: http://lorielthyffxiv.tumblr.com/FAQ
: Download: http://lorielthyffxiv.tumblr.com/post/180579358612/kirikamegapack

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