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  This post is associated with the mod [LM] Kuja Hair.

Name: "[LM] Kuja Hair"Ver.: "1.0"
Author: User Link or Lorielthy Elwonfin.
Tags: Kuja Hair, LoriMods
Contributors: Lunariseclipse for the model and textures.
Source: https://lunariseclipse.livejournal.com/673.html
Commissioner: User Link
Races: Female Hyur Midlander • Female Hyur Highlander • Female Au Ra Raen & Xaela • Male Miqo'te • Male Hyur Midlander
Replaces: Hairstyle 137
Comments: Kuja Hair now avaiable for some races. Enjoy!
User Link for Commissioning this.

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Download: http://lorielthyffxiv.tumblr.com/post/182684612827/kuja-hair

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