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Name: Yoru Ver.: 1.01
Author: User Link
Model Created By @RyuuExe#8662
Tags: Weapon - DRK - Dark Knight - One Piece - Dracule Mihawk - Sword - Anime
Races: Hyur - Elezen - Roegadyn - Lalafell - Au Ra - Miqo'te
Replaces: Rakashasa Odachi - Yama Odachi - Kumokirimaru - Kumokirimaru Kai - Kumokirimaru Shin
Comments: Ryuu made the model, I did not make it. Mihawk's, from One Piece, sword. Its a big boi. Use it wisely or you know, you may cutt off your toes or something. The grip wrapping are dyeable. Enjoy, or hate it. I don't care. I cant force you top do anything.
Update: Made the hilt shorter
Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cf_Tsondn5pB6vdDiaElf4fkv66zQIzv
Support Ryuu: <www.patreon.com/ryuuexe>