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Name: Tournsel Foil Ver.: 1.00
Author: User Link
Tags: Weapon - RDM - Red Mage - Foil - Rapier - Final Fantsy XII - FFXII - Gilgamesh - Greg
Races: Hyur - Elezen - Roegadyn - Lalafell - Au Ra - Miqo'te
Replaces: Hardsilver Foil - Koppanickel Foil - Mythrite Foil
Comments: Saw Greg with this sword and wanted it on Red Mage because shut-up. The 3 different ones come if 3 flavours. Also added an eye because, also, shut-up.
Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xk23Gfwz0BOGBjJgNPQwNLhmPqHU4rx2
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