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  This post is associated with the mod [B] Lion's Dance.

Name: [B] Lion's Dance • Ver.: 1.0
Author: User Link
Affects: coeurl tanga, lady's clogs
Races: midlander highlander miqote au_ra elezen roegadyn
Genders: Female
Tags: anklet,ass,big,dancer,dnc,feetsies,gen2 body,imgay,large,nv body,shoes,skindent,skindentation,skirt,titan,wip,wrap, gear
Contributors: { Large Ass & Feetsies - User Link } { Skirt & Anklet - Conan Exiles } { Model Rip - User Link}
Comments: - Skirt might clip in EXTREME POSES, be gentle!
- The shoes are on a diffuse. The mask is included in the second file in case you'd like to port these to a dyable set of shoes
- Cloth is on Row 1
- Metal is on Row 2

Thank you guys for the support and love! I wouldn't be able to do this ...
Preview Image: https://cdn.xivmodarchive.com/mod-images/e1b36c10-5608-4278-a375-7d7216eeefc4.jpg
Mod Page: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/5508