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Name: [LM] Valkyrie Castanic HairVer.: "Final"
Author: User Link or Lorielthy Elwonfin.
Tags: Valkyrie Castanic, Hair, Tera, LoriMods
Contributors: Titan Firm for the HD Textures and Highlights. ♥
Races: Female Viera • Female Elezen • Female Hyur Midlander • Female Hyur Highlander • Female Miqo'te • Female Roegadyn • Female Au Ra Raen & Xaela • Female Lalafel
Replaces: Hairstyle 147 for All. Hairstyle 4 for Viera
Comments: A port of the Valkyrie Castanic Hair from Tera. The pack contains:

Default (Includes horns, except for Viera)
No Horns (Texture Only)
Updated with HD Textures, thanks to Titan Firm.

F.A.Q: http://lorielthy.com/FAQ
Download: https://lorielthy.com/post/178778406487/valkyriehair

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