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Name: Glock 17 • Ver.: 1.0
Author: User Link
Affects: Makai Hand Mortar
Genders: Unisex
Tags: glock,gun,machinst,mch,pistol,weapon, gear
Contributors: Ripped from Escape From Tarkov
Glock 17 from the game Escape From Tarkov. Replaces the Makai Hand Mortar. More options to possibly(?) come depending on interest. Clipping to be expected in some poses.

🛑Requires Esrin's Textools preview patch🛑

Available Options:
>Regular - Regular Orientation
>Tilted - Tilted downwards so that the fingers align better on the grip
Tactical Attachment:
>Surefire X400 Weaponlight

To Do (?):
>More magazine options
>Slide options
>Barrel/Silencer options

Preview Image: https://cdn.xivmodarchive.com/mod-images/c1b694e7-fcd0-4bd5-b3ae-26ddbdaa51e0.jpg
Mod Page: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/8083