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  This post is associated with the mod Oroboros - Chest Decora.

Name: Oroboros - Chest Decora • Ver.: 1.0
▫️ Author: User Link
▫️ Affects: Crescent Moon Nightgown
▫️ Races: midlander highlander miqote au_ra elezen roegadyn viera
▫️ Genders: Female
▫️ Tags: body jewelry,bra,chest,jewelry, gear
▫️ Contributors: Naty for the BBWVR Large Chest
▫️ Comments: Lock your prey in an unending coil of lust with this tantalizing chest decora. Intricate designs cover the front and back of this piece that dye fully in metallics. Enjoy~

▫️ Preview Image: https://i.imgur.com/oWrtrgn.png
▫️ Mod Page: https://www.xivmodarchive.com/modid/17196