Aly's Blissful Miqo Texures and Face Paint Pack

  A Face Mod by Alyeisia

Version: 1.0

Contributor Comments:

Bliss For the original mod and permission to edit it.
Sopherra for feedback as always 💖

Comments / Description:

Edited Miqo'te textures based off of Bliss's Retexture for Miqo'te.
Has more eyeliner on the bottom, removed painted bottom lashes, and removed blush to be extra reshade friendly for high saturation presets. Like the original it is designed for and looks best with Vucku's lashes.
This pack also has a custom face paint fitted to the textures for those that would like an additional pop of color.

⚠ The face paint may look strange on other races as it was specifically designed for Bliss and my face textures.
⚠Texture may be a little stretched if you use very arched eyebrows on your Miqo. Eyebrows 2 and 4 are ok on most faces.

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3/3/2019 @ 7:58:46 AM
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All Miqo'te Faces, Face Paint 1

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