Angel Headwings

  A Gear Mod by (^• ω •^)

Version: 1.1

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✿ Thanks to Tiffli on DeviantArt for the Models and Bluehole ✿
THANK YOU butcher for providing the ttmp file for TT1! ♥

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TERA Headwings.
Wanna feel like an Angel? Now you can. Enjoy.
"Accept me for who I am, not who you think I should be."

EDIT Added TTMP Download for TTMP1 Users

✿ Replaces Moonlet Earrings
✿ May Edit the colorset as you please.
✿ May also port onto a different item, but please ask first before doing so.
✿ Do not Repost/Upload anywhere else.
✿ Feel free to DM me if there are any issues!

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Affects / Replaces :
Moonlet Earring

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