Anika 63 Dress - Heroes Of Incredible Tales

  A Gear Mod by Strigon One

Version: 1.1

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@Miste --> For Advice as always
@Jammer --> For Advice
@Sel --> For the amazing CB3 Body

Comments / Description:

- Uses Sels amazing CB3 body
- Custom edit to my liking
- Not exactly sure what this dress is called, just found it and though it looked cool to port over, so I made the name of the dress accordingly to what the original ripper made it.
- My external HDD blew up so all my wips and mods went to oblivion, so I cannot work on this any further, but I think it is good enough for screenshots and is usable for most things.
- V1.1 contains fix for the Dye as previously, I did not touch the colourset. Now that I have it should dye properly without any funny streaks etc


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4/16/2019 @ 5:57:05 AM
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4/21/2019 @ 3:41:40 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
Eastern Socialite's Cheongsam

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dress, gear