Better Bra Uraeus Coat - T&F2 Hentai

  A Gear Mod by Kaiten

Version: 1.0

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Titan Firm for the base body, and the SFW smallclothes

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Time to give another item the Kaiten Touch™. This mod places the T&F2 Hentai chest into the Uraeus Coat and replaces the vanilla bra with the much better looking bra from Titan's SFW smallclothes. Or at least it looks better to me. Let me know if any issues are found.

Install the entire modpack, including all of the 3D models. (Required to prevent texture breakage on the unsupported races/gender).

👍 Bra will dye to match the coat.
👍 Skirt has been tweaked to allow butt sizes up to BBWVR legs, without making the skirt look weird.
👍 Feel free to upscale/downscale/convert as you wish, but give credit where it's due.

Previews courtesy of the lovely Kimi:


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11/6/2018 @ 5:54:09 PM
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Titan Firm

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