Chest Scars

  A Skin Mod by hemlo

Version: 1.0

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Everyone who gave me helpful advice.

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My friends, the time has come... I made a chest scar mod! This is an edit of the vanilla diffuse body texture, so I'm not sure if it's compatible with NBP bodies. Please feel free to modify this as you like. Here are some caveats:

- Not compatible with lala bodies. (I'm very sorry- I couldn't tell where anything began and ended! :C)
- The scars may not show up well on darker skin tones, unfortunately.
- Untested with other body mods, aside from Nozomi Kei's Consort Body mod.
- Made with the new Textools 2. Please update to the latest version of Textools to use this mod.

I cannot help you with any bugs as I only have one ☝ (1) brain cell. (Plus, I'm a student, so I don't have as much time dedicated to FFXIV in general.)

Please feel free to donate if you enjoyed this mod!


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4/17/2019 @ 12:39:28 AM
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