Da Bomb

  A Hair Mod by foxeatr

Version: 1.1

Contributor Comments:

Thanks to Seylum and the contribution discord for the commission, and Nightcrawler for the hair!

Comments / Description:

Nightcrawler's Da Bomb ported from Sims 4! It's not necessarily hat compatible and can break the hair for other races. Good news is that people rarely use it.

Install miqo'te patch file to fix an issue with ear rigging in the zip. Temporarily removed, did not work. Miqo'te ears are fine until animated.

Feel free to port to other races or do what you'd like with it. Credit is appreciated but not necessary.

Password is "papaya"


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Originally Posted :
3/14/2019 @ 7:51:01 PM
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4/15/2019 @ 11:43:42 PM
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Affects / Replaces :
hair 106

Races :
Midlander, Miqo'te, Au Ra
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