Destiny's Child - Lisa

  A Hair Mod by Lilin/Yuu

Version: 1.0

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Shuubaru on DeviantArt for the base model, Titan for the Top base body, Sel for the lower base body, Stealthic at the sims resource for the base hair, Mystis and artymoose for all the colorset help

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Full set of Lisas armor/ hair from destiny's child. Works with longgloves/boots and is fully dyeable. It got a full feauturess body underneath. Clipping has been reduced as much as possible tho the top WILL clip with most pants cause its fitted to sels curvier. Feel free to port/ change however you like and if theres any problems let me know! ❤


» Top: Hannish Wool Autumn Shirt
» Bottom without skirt: Spring Bottoms
» Bottom with Skirt: Expeditioners Pantalettes
» Shoes: Common Makai Moon Guides Longboots
» Gloves: Housemaid gloves/ Loyal Housemaid Gloves

» Hair: Number 13 for midlander and 7 for highlander

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