DOA Leifang Sleepwear

  A Gear Mod by Strigon One

Version: 1.0

Contributor Comments:

Chrissy-Tee for the rip -->
@Sel -> For amazing body as always
@TitanFirm -> For T&F Large legs as a reference

Comments / Description:

Originally its just above the private part, but I'm not that keen for lewd stuff so I've adjusted it to cover it.
- I've optimized to T&F Large legs so anything beyond this, expect clipping.
- Dyable
- Gloves okay

- I've tried my best to not make it clip galore, but just to be safe I am going to say expect minor clipping on some poses. But from what I notice on my Elezen and majority of her emojis, I could not find any, besides 1 little tiny one under the armpit during idle pose. But you know, I actually play FF14, not stare at her armpits all day so I did not want to adjust anymore.

- If you wish to port to other items for personal / practice go ahead
- If you wish to release on another item, please let me know first and credit

:white_small_square: Plz halp:


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4/26/2019 @ 10:19:24 AM
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Faire Joi

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