Lustmord-inspired Thighboots

  A Gear Mod by LiZZy 💋

Version: 1.0

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Titan Firm for the Lustmord: Daedric Bride set, the modkit textures, and guide resources.

Comments / Description:

What long boots would suit the Lustmord set? Why not make some as a thank you for the many gifts given, I thought. Designed to complement the Lustmord: Daedric Bride set, these boots have been built from vanilla wolfliege thighboots as a base and embellished with the motifs and aesthetic of the set and redrawn on custom textures.

The boots are available for all classes on the Witch's Thighboots or on the base Wolfliege Thighboots which are THM/BLM level 60 and above only. Boots are male midlander- based so porting to other compatible thighboots is trivial.

Please do not rehost this mod or ports of it elsewhere. Released only on XMA for the benefit of all.


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1/31/2019 @ 6:57:44 PM
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1/31/2019 @ 7:35:03 PM
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Affects / Replaces :
witch's thighboots, wolfliege thighboots

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