Megu - soft & smokey aura makeup

  A Face Mod by Megu

Version: 1.1

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@bee#7788 for being the biggest cutie ever and letting me use her textures as a base <3
@Upierczi#6599 for the 2k Facelift, @BIZU#4444 for her scales, @Sapphire#7896 for the scaleless aura mod & @Seylum#0002 for the black and white scales mods. If i missed anyone please DM me and ill fix

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Finally finished my aura face texture edit for both Raen and Xaela! Includes variants for bizu scales, scaleless aswell as black and white scales. Texure adds a small cat eye eyeliner, smokey brown eyeshadow, white inner corner highlight aswell as shiny pink lips! Works on all skin tones and a few different scale textures :D The textures have no eyelashes so works nicely with @Vucku#0522 's eyelashes

feel free to message me if you have any requests and ill see what i can do :3
If you wish to support me you can follow me on my socials or buy me coffee :catflappy:

- Fixed white raen scales
- Fixed ear placements on scaleless textures

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3/7/2019 @ 11:49:33 PM
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3/9/2019 @ 6:04:25 PM
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Affects / Replaces :
Female Au'Ra, Raen, Xaela

Races :
Au Ra
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