Nyotengu Catsuit Mashup

  A Gear Mod by Nyaughty

Version: 1.1

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FunnyBunny666 on DA for ripping the models, Yato for requesting this (also model on the pic), Sel for the body

Comments / Description:

Made for Yato.
I created new fishnets because I didn't like the ones the model had.
Erased any sign of genitals, this is SFW.
✔ CB3-H Chest size
✔ No lala or male models were harmed in the creation of this mod
✔ Properly dyeable (you know, white looks white and not grey cough)
⚠Minor clipping

The tails are not visible on Miqo'te and Au ra. Use advanced import on Mesh 1, Part 2 to edit: remove the attribute to show on all races, add "atr_tls" to hide for all.

Show me some love if you like my work: https://www.patreon.com/Nyaughty

NO Public ports to different items, keep those to yourself and your friends.
If you wish to convert to a different body, message me with your work and if applicable I will include it in the download, do not publish stand-alone body conversions/mune scaling edits. Keep those private between you and your friends.

NSFW variant included as link bellow.


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Originally Posted :
2/8/2019 @ 4:48:12 AM
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2/15/2019 @ 12:10:15 PM
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Affects / Replaces :
Company Tabard, Gryphonskin Pantalettes, Scion Healer's Highboots

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