Pride Mammets

  A Minion Mod by Calamatologists

Version: 1.0

Comments / Description:

Install the Simple Black And White Mammet #003L only if you want your Mammet #003L to be coloured black and white like in the preview image! If you want it to stay red, ignore that file.
The flags only affect the flag carried by the Mammet #003L, or the Limsan GC mammet. You are encouraged to port to the Serpent or Flame mammet if you wish to, and to release those ports on xivmodarchive or the TexTools Discord, or just share them amongst your friends. I will not be making ports myself, sorry!
Do NOT include my work in any paid for mods or commissions without permission!
I will not be taking 'requests' for flags but if yours is missing, ask nicely and I'll see what I can do, I make no promises I will do every flag ever, though.



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6/3/2019 @ 5:06:00 PM
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6/3/2019 @ 5:10:29 PM
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Mammet #003L

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lgbt, mammet, minion, pride