Shaine Hair

  A Hair Mod by Strigon One

Version: 2.0

Contributor Comments:

Newseas for the Mesh and textures:
@D.W for the weights template (I'm so sorry in advance, discord just doesn't want to tag you for some reason >.<)
@Arlandria for nagging me to close in the gap in the hair as it made it look like a random bald patch and for her AuRa photo
@Jeaart for spotting the huge gap in the kitty hair.

Comments / Description:

Before you want to flame me, I have included my receipt that I have bought this mesh out of my own pocket.

Rebirth of the very 1st hair I ever ported in my life has now been completely overhauled.
- Formally known as "Respect+" --> Lets never ever talk about that stupid name again LOL!
- Better weights
- No missing hair strands
- Highlight compatible

- Fix for Kitty, have closed the gap of their hair - Please redownload, you should see Kitty v2.1 if you downloaded the correct version.
- Fix for Kitty and Human Shoulders --> You should now have v2.2 for Kitties and V2.1 for Humans
- Fix for AuRa small Bald patch at the top

"Resepct+" was for all races back then as well (Except Kitty), so I have made V2 all female race compatible as well
For those who has V1, please delete it and never speak of it again. Please re-download this one, trust me you will see a noticeable difference ^^

:white_small_square: Plz halp me with some thoughts and love <3:


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Originally Posted :
5/5/2019 @ 4:22:12 AM
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5/6/2019 @ 7:36:19 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
Elezen hair 9, Lalafell Hair 51, Miqo'te Hair 53, AuRa Hair 8, Human Mid/High 8, Roe Hair 3

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hair, long hair