Sopherra: Adventuring Sweater Scarf

  A Gear Mod by Sopherra

Version: 2.0

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Name: "Adventuring Sweater Scarf" • Ver.: 2
Author: Sopherra
Contributor: Alyeisia
Tags: Viking Scarf, Winter
Races: All
Comments: Doesn’t seem to work with some tops, but mostly they’re dresses. A dress mod that replaces a shirt model, however, should work just fine. Not entirely sure how to fix this but will be sure to update when if I figure it out. The default color is the one on the Miqo'te, but there are 10 colorsets available. If you'd like a different color combination, I can either make it for you if you dm me, or feel free to color it yourself :) You can do so with the colorset editor in the tools channel. If you'd like the row numbers for each part, let me know!

None of the pictures use reshade, so you can see what they look like unfiltered. Also I zipped a folder, so if you use the "extract here" option, the files won't be all over :)


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1/10/2019 @ 10:33:19 AM
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Viking Scarf

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body, gear, scarf, winter