Unisex Heel Pack

  A Gear Mod by articution

Version: 1.0.1

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I added/heightened high heels on 14 different boot models. Affected models include the Angelic Thighboots, Scion Traveler's Boots, Adept's Thighboots, Lost Allagan Sabatons Of Casting/Healing/Scouting/Maiming, Ronkan Thighboots Of Aiming/Maiming/Scouting, Midan Boots Of Casting/Healing/Striking/Maiming, Storyteller's Boots, Duelist's Thighboots, Shire Conservator's Thighboots, Shire Preceptor's Thighboots, Shire Philosopher's Thighboots, Ironworks Thighboots Of Healing, and the Expeditioner's Thighboots.

The kneepads on the Scion Traveler's Boots disappear during Dancer's battle stance (this problem exists on the base model). I have included a version of the mod without kneepads for people who find this distracting. Please install it after installing the main mod.

All models are dyeable and will work on most race/gender combinations (excluding Lalafell and male Roegadyn/Hrothgar).

These have only been tested on male Au Ra so feel free to let me know if issues exist with other races and genders. Enjoy!

Version 1.0.1 - Fixed a small issue with the Shire Conservator's Thighboots.



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