YoRHa No. 2 Type B Tactical Set

  A Gear Mod by LiZZy πŸ’‹

Version: 1.0

Contributor Comments:

Mc Dancey Pants Extreme for the weapon models and Upierczi for the Pod minion model. Thanks to Myopicat and Titan Firm for their valued input.

Comments / Description:

A pair of mods to simulate 2b's iconic Virtuous weapons. This equipped weapon swaps in the Virtuous Contract katana Sword from Nier Automata in place of the RDM weapon and changes the floating focus into a mini Pod 153. The Virtuous Treaty sword is a dummy weapon that replaces the necklace model and has been given the appearance of being held by NFCS holographic rings.

The floating weapon requires a body item that does not hide necklaces and is made to affect female character only.

πŸ“€ Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10wJb1hJfda-fT9a5pdNQcB9ac-9jm0Xm


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