[NB Makeup] Hyacinth

  A Face Mod by eli

Version: 1.1

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Thanks to:
Sapphire for their scaleless au ra faces
BIZU & zana for the NB scales
seylum for the B&W NB scale recolor
Upierczi for the 2K vanilla faces
Boat Gremlin for allowing me to use their character as my model

Comments / Description:

Now available on vanilla scales.
Feel free to stick this mod onto whatever scale mods you like--just please include me in the credits if you plan to release it publicly. NB Xaela have black sclera & Vanilla Xaela have normal sclera; feel free to change this as you desire.

[Bizu & Zana] NB Scales:
[Seylum] B&W NB Scales:
[Upierczi] 2K Vanilla Textures:


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Originally Posted :
Thu Jan 09 2020 21:40:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Last Edited :
Wed Jan 15 2020 02:24:38 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Affects / Replaces :
All Female Au Ra Faces

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face, makeup, soft

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