Basic Bitch - Choker

  A Gear Mod by Illyriana

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MD and Mimi for that sweet sweet hand holding and friendship.

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Uhhh... I made a mesh? This was another small dummy test while I tried to familiarize myself with a new tool for making jewelry from scratch. Instead of scrapping it I'm releasing it for anyone who wants a simple, basic bitch strap of a choker. E-enjoy? I guess???

Adjustable via colorset
Size and placement may vary due to racial scaling.
This is a dummy test and thus it is not perfect nor will I be updating it. Movable to any Female based necklace (Diffuse will require some cheesing)
In no way shape or form are edits of my work allowed to be uploaded to the TT Discord. XMA uploads and other discord servers only. Thank you~

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Dreadywyrm Choker

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