TF2-XL bust(dango version)

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by kopiousagi

Version: 1.0

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Thanks to Antarran and Titan Firm for the work on the base TF2-XL mesh used in this. Not sure if I need to include all the other contributors.

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(I'm somewhat new to modding and using 3ds max, so forgive me for being not too familiar with some of the tools. Was mostly just eye-balling the tweaks by moving the verts manually and with soft select)

This is a variation of the TF2-XL mesh, where I've tweaked:
-the area near the arm pits so it's narrower, closer to vanilla width, as I found the XL width a bit too wide for my liking
-filled in the gap to get some cleavage, partly to use as a base for outfits that show it off
-overall also made it rounder to the sides, above and below, so I think it's actually ever so slightly bigger than XL

Not too sure what to call this mod, so I'm just calling it a "dango" version for now cuz of how round it ended up.

Oops, I just realised the pack has the texture instead of the 3d for the NPCs. Have updated it with the model for NPCs. I've also realised that my 3ds max exports seem to have issues with full face masks causing the elbow section to disappear. Does anyone know the fix for this?

Have done the fix for the disappearing arms and neck with advanced importing and reuploaded it.

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Titan Firm

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smallclothes body,smallclothes body (NPC), the emperor's new robe

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