Sophia's Boots Original

  A Gear Mod by Alexstrasza

Version: 1.0

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SE for making the original boss encounter

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"Those are the boots that now use the original colors just like the coliseum galerus and subligar so the set is complete on both color version. Why another post? Well 2k character limit on posts so blame discord. I have fixed the textures for the other two race models that where listed in TexTools and luckily one set of textures work for all 6 boots."

Additional Information:
The following items get affected by this mod because of model/texture sharing:
Gridanian Soldier's Boots
Gridanian Officer's Boots
Lominsan Soldiers's Boots
Lominsan Officer's Boots
Ul'dahn Soldier's Boots
Ul'dahn Officer's Boots

I have not tested it with any male character, if you feel risky and wanna try it go ahead and just tell me if it worked out or not and i may add the other races you tested to the compat list.

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