Executive Jacket & Slacks -2.0 plus Upscales

  A Gear Mod by Passing-by Rider

Version: 2.0

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Titan Firm, Nevina, and natyusha for body sizes (Titan also for bra pattern), Vee and Kirara for troubleshooting, Mizu-Ki, Brutaliser, and Sapphire for testing

Comments / Description:

Here is my big update on the Executive Jacket, with major fixes and more options. This release is for the Best Man's Jacket only, as it was the more popular option (though necklaces will auto-hide). Old posts have been removed, thanks again to those that gave me positive emotes.

✔️ Update from old version: Sleeve seams fixed, hips widened for bigger butts, added more options
✔️ Three chest sizes (T&F2 Medium, T&F2 Hentai/Large, NVThicc), with widening for bigger butts (see notes at download link)
✔️ Four chest styles: Bra + "Shirt", "Shirt" Only, Bra Only, and Cleavage Only.
✔️ Optional upscales for Best Man's Slacks as well (T&F2Medium, BBWVR, MegaThicc Meri Spec)
✔️ Males and Lalafells are not broken, those will show up normally

Read the NOTES+INSTRUCTIONS file in link for more info, instructions, and warnings.

For this particular mod, please DM me if you will plan to modify this. Do not upload to any other public site or place. Thanks again to everyone that likes and support my mods!


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Mon Nov 05 2018 14:29:17 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Best Man's Jacket, Best Man's Slacks

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