[Final] Schrodinger's Screw

  A Mount Mod by Nyaughty

Version: 1.02-FINAL

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estp for the name, "Hallow" on models-resource for the file rip

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This mod is considered finished and will not receive any more updates or fixes in the future.

Before you guys say anything and misstag this mod as "NSFW" or "perverted" I want to say that you are wrong!

When magnemite's bottom screws are extended, its top screw is withdrawn. When the top screw is extended, the bottom screws are withdrawn.

Here, the top screw is withdrawn. She is sitting on a slight bump.

Unfortunately due to technical limitations the screw is still there on your screen, I can't make it animate and fully screw itself for your character's butt safety.
So the screw is not there but it also is there until you open up the model viewer.

⚠ Male sitting pose is a bit off, looks best on females.
Update 1.02
Update texture to be more optimized

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Glamour shots taken by Cyane. Check them out:


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