Gen 3 Compendium

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by Astrild

Contributor Information:

Titan Firm for TnF3
Nyaughty for Eve
Koneko for TnF3 Small & Vanilla
Astrild for Freyja
Req Rider for RiderTHiCC Bodies
Caroline for Après Moi

Author's Comments:

Listed below are Gen 3 base bodies which are compatible with one another.

Base Bodies
:MainQuest:TnF3 by Titan Firm:

The Tight&Firm Gen3 body style is designed after the classic pinup girl figure, with an emphasis on tight toned physique.
Features: 2 breast sizes, muscularity options, shimmer options, areola sizes, scaleless au ra, pore removal, being the gold standard of Gen 3 mods.

:MainQuest: Eve by Nyaughty:

The idea behind the body is to have a realistic but not uncanny skin texture, as well as sexy proportions that don't step into the realm of hentai.
Features: More realistic standard textures, one standard breast and butt size, but has a heap of addons, such as futanari sizes, bigger breasts, pregnancy options etc.

🔶 TnF 3 Small & Vanilla by Koneko:

- Requires Eve or TnF3 to be installed first.
A add on the Gen 3 body by Titan firm, to add back in the much loved small sizes (small and vanilla).
Features: 3 breast sizes, 2 hip sizes, nipple and clit piercings optionally, new normal maps to accommodate the small sizing.

🔶 Freyja by Astrild:

- Requires Eve or TnF3 to be installed first.
For those who enjoyed BBWVR vanilla sized proportions, with a shapely booty, soft boobers and a more dramatic breast slider.
Features: 2 breast sizes, 3 genitals options, 3 gape options, pubes & piercings optional, new normal maps, TnF3 & Eve (textures) options.

🔶 RiderTHiCC Bodies by Req Rider

- Requires Eve or TnF3 to be installed first.
Rider's bodies are those who prefer extremely busty & bootilicious ladies!
Features: 4 breast sizes, with 4 nipples choices, and 2 nipple positions. 4 leg options.

🔶 Après Moi by Caroline:

- Requires Eve or TnF3 to be installed first.
A personal TnF3 edit by Caroline for a more petite/lithe appearance.
Features: Petite breast size, perkier bottom and a generally more petite appearance for the TnF3 body.

Gen 3 Extras & Addons:
These are extra optional installation options for Gen 3, which aren't installed by default.

🔷 Balanced Breast Sliders by Titan Firm:
Optional file for balanced breast sliders - Reduces racial over-scaling when using larger bust size mods.
🔷 Mommy by Nyaughty :
A pregnancy mod by Nyaughty. Has a smooth belly, Requires Eve or TnF3 to be installed first.
🔷 FutaNyari Nyaughty :
For those who enjoy a knotted Bad Dragon alike penis, requires any Gen 3 mod to be installed first.
🔷 Freyja Hands by Astrild :
Nails been clipped and look less polished. Requires Eve or TnF3 to be installed first.

SFW versions
Requires Eve or TnF3 to be installed first.

:panties: TnF3 SFW Small Clothes by Titan Firm :

Tight&Firm Gen3 SFW Smallclothes includes a set of chantilly lace bra and panties.
:panties: Freyja SFW by Astrild :

Bikini esque underwear.
:panties: Nyandies by Nyaughty:

SFW Version of Eve Gen3 Body.

If you want your Gen 3 body to be added, give me a DM on Discord @Astrild#0001. I've only added those who I've spoken to directly.

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