Viera Ears for Female Miqo'te - Ported to Bunny Crown, Dyeable

Version: 1.0

  A Gear Mod by Werns

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Kurai for "Viera Ears for Female Miqo'te" -
Illyriana for "Viera For All - Ported Ears to Bunny Crown" -

Author's Comments:

TL;DR: This mod turns the Bunny Crown into dyeable Viera ears on Female Miqo'te, hides the cat ears, and positions the bunny ears over the holes in the hair. It only supports one of the types of Viera ears, does not perfectly hide the ear holes for every hairdo, and it turns the Bunny Crown into the Werewolf Head for every race and gender other than female Miqo'te. I did none of these things myself, only combined aspects of 2 different mods into a single mod and cut corners where possible to be lazy.


This mod is a mashup of the two mods listed above. It ports a single ear style from "Viera Ears for Female Miqo'te" to the Bunny Crown gear. On top of this, it takes the ability to dye the ears a separate color than the character's hair from "Viera for All". Unfortunately, the "Viera Ears for Female Miqo'te" mod replaced the Werewolf Head and did not port the ears over to any other race or gender, which means that this mod causes the Bunny Crown to appear as the Werewolf Head for any any other race or gender beside female Miqo'te.

This mod was Frankenstein-ed together by me to suit my needs specifically, which was to have a female Miqo'te with no cat ears but stark white Viera ears. Therefore, it is very bare-bones, should not be considered "complete," and used with the understanding that I don't intend to complete it. It works for what I need and I can ignore the drawbacks because very few people wear the Bunny Crown gear, even less wear it outside of the Gold Saucer, and still even less wear it who are not female Miqo'te.

Feel free to expand upon this mod in any way you would like, I hold no ownership for the content in this mod. It's just two other mods smashed together, somewhat poorly, with the permission of the original mod authors. If you do expand upon this, please credit the original mod authors for their hard work and myself for inspiring you. :)

The following three pieces of functionality would "complete" this mod IMO, if you wish to expand upon it:
- Add support for the other bunny ear styles (all other styles are supported by the original mods, I just did not cobble them together. Not much is needed to do this except knowing how to drill into mod files, how to copy/paste, and having a bunch of time on your hands that you could be using to do more productive things)
- Add support for male Miqo'te (this is not something that can be cobbled together and will need more extensive modding knowledge than copy/paste, i.e. how to move around the ears and position them for the male head and ear holes)
- Add support for other races (I don't recommend trying to mirror the "Viera Ears for Female Miqo'te" part for other races, except maybe Au Ra, because having bunny ears sprouting from the side of your head would be weird. Instead, could just copy/paste what "Viera for All" does. Hell I may just do that myself now that I've written it down, that would be the easiest of these three edits)

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BunnyCrownEars.ttmp : [ via Direct Download ]

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Thu Jul 22 2021 03:16:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Bunny Crown

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