Gift Ribbon's

  A NSFW Gear Mod by Alexstrasza

Version: 5.0

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Sel, Zareef

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Credits to Zareef for the mesh rip
A few sacrifices have been made for XIV.
Wrap yourself up as a nice gift for your beloved one or just for fun. This wraps your body into a set of present ribbons with a golden trim, the central part can be colored. It was made for CB-3 normal install options covering the upper and the lower body. Because of that some boots will work, some not, same goes with gloves. It clips a bit with some poses, just let me know if anything major breaks apart and take care when unwrapping your present. The additional download are just rubber black ribbons as i was asked for it so that is there as well.
More Bows ads a ribbon bow on the chest, the right hip front and the left hip back for a more gift wrapped look, enjoy.
If you want to swap the item, do so without asking, everything else just ping me a message. Again the body is CB3-M!
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