Magitek Predator Cosplay

  A Mount Mod by The Wily Wicked

Version: 1.0

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Raver1357 for both soundboarding as well as weighting and designing boots, Blackmoon moon for portion of eternal form mod to make arms look more structured, Siona for texture from her android pack, and SnowFox102 for his amazing Stalker boot.

Comments / Description:

Basically this is parts of the Predator Magitek Armor mount converted into wearable accessories/body gear for your intimidating robot person needs. It isn't perfect... needless to say the claws and backpack in particular can clip during certain emotes/actions (...but don't clip as much as you'd expect). Highland Boot variant gives you actual boots (Stalker) with the predator feet as heels. A couple of parts can slightly disappear from very specific angles. Screenshot is of the glowing colorset variant, base is normal metal grey. Feel free to port to other items/clean up if you spot anything, just give proper references please.
Download: - Base Install - Added purple glows - Stalker Boot and Pred Heel

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Originally Posted :
Sun Dec 30 2018 18:46:42 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Mon Sep 09 2019 16:35:03 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Affects / Replaces :
Augmented Primal Choker of Aiming, Pagos Sandals, Highland Boots, and Platinum Bangles of Slaying

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