Regalia Type-C

Version: 1.0.1

  A Mount Mod by YikTuum

Author's Comments:

A mod that replaces Regalia Type-G with a Blender'ed model along with some slightly changed textures. Makes the car more compact and less fantasy-esque by editing some already existing parts of the model and removing others.

Video preview(with and without GShade):

Some details:
-Installs via Tex Tools
-Only vanilla resources were used
-Length and width of the model were reduced
-Wheels are fully functional animation-wise
-Rear rims were made into something that actually looks like rims, vanilla ones are just flat plates with broken textures
-Player placement should work the same way as in vanilla but I didn't test it with 3 other players since I'm a loner
-Tail lights and exhaust pipes were doubled in quantity and their placement was changed
-Slight normal/specular texture changes were made and affect rear rims, exhaust pipes and front bumper/grills
-Some color set changes were made to mask texture inconsistencies caused by removal and movement of certain parts of the model - mainly, ColorSet rows 15 and 16 are identical
-If you chose to use "striped" textures, stripe color can be changed via ColorSet editing in TexTools. It uses the same row as the metal(?) tints on seats - row 11.
-Textures should look fine even without GShade effects
-Texture resolution/quality is NOT increased by this mod
-Most of the "flight mode" parts were removed
-The model is nowhere near perfect, held together by duct tape and dreams. There are some weight issues that don't seem to affect anything in the game. I did my best to eliminate clipping and some of the more obvious flaws, such as holes and dents/bumps on the model, but I probably missed something. Check out the video preview to not be disappointed after installation.

Update 1.0.1:
-Removed several holes in the model that I didn't spot before
-Textures should be less pixelated
-An additional .ttmp2 file is in the archive. It just adds 2 stripes on the hood. Color of said lines can be changed via ColorSet edit of 11th row via TexTools.

Answers for some possible questions:
Q: Why did you make this?
A: Because I dislike the way the vanilla Regalia looks. Its far too long, especially considering terrain issues mounts in FF14 have. I also hope it inspires someone else to upload something similar, except done properly.

Q: Why were the plane parts(wings and such) removed?
A: Because I dislike the way they looked and thanks to that I'm too lazy to find out how to deal with their animations and such since I never learned anything about Blender.

Q: Can I use color set modpacks or re-textures along with it?
A: Of course - just don't expect them to work properly. Textures were included with the model for a specific reason - rear rims of the vanilla version have a broken texture for example. I also removed, moved and re-scaled a lot of parts so chances are - the car will look like a mess and model issues will become more noticeable if you just slap a random texture/colorset on it. That being said, copying my changes onto any other file should be pretty easy, since I didn't even use any fancy half-tones or complicated shapes. You can basically copy-paste them via any image editing tools, such as Paint or GIMP.

Q: Will you update the mod, make any alternative variants?
A: Most likely I won't. Edit: unless I find some issues that trigger my OCD. Then I'll upload a fix.

Q: Can I edit the mod to function properly/look better and upload it?
A: I only used in-game resources, so its not like I own any of it. I'll be glad to see someone make a higher quality replacement.

Primary File or Link:

Regalia Type-C 1.0.1.rar : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Wed Sep 22 2021 22:32:24 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Mon Sep 20 2021 16:16:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Regalia Type-G

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Tags :
car, mount, regalia,

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