Plain Long Skirt -Lace Design + Upscales

  A NSFW Gear Mod by Req Territory

Version: 1.1

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Vee for lace, natyusha for BBWVR size, Titan Firm for panties design meri for lace design referral, Obsidian Dawn for lace designs

Comments / Description:

Here is a new lace design for the Plain Long Skirt. Lizzy implemented the lace design from Obsidian Dawn (, and I made the tall female upscales. Tall females will get Titan's panties design plus size options, males and Lalafells will get vanilla underwear with lace long skirt.

✔️ Three sizes available for Female Hyur, Elezen, Miqo'te, Roegadyn, Au Ra, and Viera: BBWVR, Meri Spec, DAYUM Spec (size released in XIV archive). See notes at site link for details.
✔️ Default color is the same, will affect underwear colors for all races and both sexes.

⚠ Might encounter mesh error, please do Disable Extra Data in Advanced Import in Textools.

Feel free to make any up or downscale you want, just credit Lizzy and myself. Do not upload to any other public site or place. Thanks again to those that support my mods!

Update 2/2/19: Updated Meri Spec Attributes


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Sat Jan 12 2019 02:29:27 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Titan Firm

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Plain Long Skirt

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