Kora: Peach Blossom Ring

  A Gear Mod by Korati

Version: 2.0

Comments / Description:

A simple peach blossom ring made using the existing peach blossom earrings to match the other pieces of the peach blossom set.

I modelled it to fit well for Miqo'te and haven't got the chance to test it thoroughly for other races so it might clip for those. If you find any issues with the mod or have any requests for changes, please let me know!

v2: I decided to revisit this mod now that Textools allows you to access both the right and left ring model.


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Originally Posted :
1/31/2019 @ 6:22:23 PM
Last Edited :
8/1/2019 @ 1:19:04 PM

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Affects / Replaces :
Fluorite Ring and any ring that it shares its model and textures with

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