Thiccened Nyotengu Catsuit Mashup

  A Gear Mod by Bunny

Version: 1.2

Contributor Comments:

Upscaled version of Nyaughty's catsuit. Go to their page for full credits on original mod. Passing-by Rider for base legs.

Comments / Description:

Chest is CB base and adjusted to fit NVthicc proportions. Legs are Megathicc aka Glorious Meri specc and Dayum size. To fit the chest and legs together I had to manually adjust the waist.

The download include only 3d files. You have to install the original mod from the link below first and then install the ttmp you get here picking your desired size for your lovely thicc bootey.

The original mod:

The password is in the readme file.

Update 1.1: UVW map channel issue on meri specc is fixed. Sorry about that. Rookie mistake. Please redownload and enjoy!

Update 1.2: Some borked normals and back faces on meri spec are fixed. Also back face poking out on dayum spec is fixed.


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2/15/2019 @ 5:32:11 PM
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Affects / Replaces :
Company Tabard and Gryphonskin Pantalettes

Genders :