Lilin/Yuu: Little black dress

  A Gear Mod by Lilin/Yuu

Version: 1.1

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Celes Cheire for makin the normal ttmp, Nyaughty and Kirara for boob consultation, Lorielthy ๐ŸŒ™ for listenin to me cry about giraffes, Titan for the body

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Its a very little black dress - Dyeable. Pretty proud of the textures . Elzens right armpit clips a bit. Its supertight so all pants clip. Literally all of em. Made for T&F medium and made so the garters fit under it without clipping. Bigger butts WILL clip. Weights are not perfect but i did my best ยฐ-ยฐ smol skirts are hard. My own mesh so feel free to port/change/release/upscale if you want. Theres a full body inside, albeit feautureless - so you can change textures easy. Necklaces dun work sadly. Fixed up lala uvws so they dun look like leather dusters. Never worked with ttmp2 before so if theres anything not workin right on that please let me know โค (Prob didnt have to add that dl but incase people wanna use that instead) Also it got a buttribbon. Cuz they awesome.

1.1 Fixed clipping in sitting pose 1 for miqo and Iceheart -in the ttmp2

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ยป TTMP Quaintrelle's Ruffled Dress :

ยป 1.1 - TTMP2 Quaintrelle's Ruffled Dress:

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