Zero's Flower

  A Gear Mod by xoLadyCharlotte™

Version: 1.0

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ArmachamCorp on DA for the Model

LunaWolfie for testing the numerous times I had to adjust the model because it wasn't showing up in the game when using TT2 (Unknown Bug?) - Hence also making it a TTMP for those still using :)

Comments / Description:

I originally got this as a full Outfit commission from Natyusha and it was going to be public but he seems to have disappeared from the modding community. Now that I can do myself I decided I would do my own version of the Flower Eye. Maybe he will come back some day and you guys can have the outfit.

There will be slight clipping on petals on races other than Fem Au ra, I'm not going to fix that and have the other half sit through more attempts at it because TT2 doesn't want to work with my models. If you want to fix and adjust yourself feel free to, just note it won't work when importing with TT2. -
You can port to other items.
Also note it will only show when using the ring on the right.

The modpack does work❗

If you find any other issues please let me know, I will try to fix if you can't do yourself but until TT2 is fixed there is not much I can do.

If you like you can support me :3:

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