Lollipop Noir on Tantalus Set

  A Gear Mod by Kaiten

Version: 1.0

Contributor Comments:

Titan Firm for the original Lollipop Noir mod;
natyusha for the BBWVR legs;
Jammer for the original Tantalus Breeches port

Comments / Description:

An informal release, because y'all convinced me to like the idea of using the Tantalus set for this mod (I blame Jared and Jammer), and I may as well share it with everyone. So, I'm including both the top (still in T&F Large/Hentai) and my own BBWVR conversion of the jeans while porting them to the Tantalus Vest and Tantalus Breeches. I decided to redo the breeches port because Jared's port requires TT2, which I still refuse to use. Thus my port is usable on TT and TT2. Enjoy.

Remember to show some love to Titan Firm for the original mod.


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5/15/2019 @ 1:38:54 AM
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5/15/2019 @ 5:04:29 AM
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Affects / Replaces :
Tantalus Vest, Tantalus Breeches

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