Dragon Rising Tattooing

  A Skin Mod by Spiswel

Version: 0.1

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ApotheoticAdam for the Adonis Pack textures and Furiianda for the tremendous amount of help as always!

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2nd mod ever! (be gentle ")
An asian-themed, hand-painted tattoo featuring dragons coiling around the torso as its central piece. On the sleeves, a Suzaku bird as well as stylized waves and cherry blossoms complete a powerful yet elegant design. Now you can have dragons on your dragon dude!

For now, it is a Male Au Ra exclusive, but I will develop it further for other male races if there's demand for it. Show me your pictures with it!!

Note: It might be a bit harder to see on extremely dark skintones due to the ink's hue. It should however be compatible with nude mods.


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