Nemesis (TF2 Small + Vanilla Conversion)

  A Gear Mod by Jammer

Version: 1.0

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Unknown User (Titan Firm) - body, morph rig, original mod, advice on morphing the top correctly

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This mod converts Titan Firm's Nemesis set to the TF2 Small body and legs with a bonus inclusion of a TF2 Vanilla version of the top. I decided to include this because the small corset does greatly compress the chest for flatter appearance, so I wanted to include a slightly less flat option to show off the push-up effect while still being a smaller breasted option than the original large. Both the top and bottoms retain their original skindentation with many thanks to TF for the suggestions on how to morph the top without distorting it.

❗ This only includes the 3d files and requires the original be installed first (

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5/29/2019 @ 11:54:49 PM
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9/9/2019 @ 4:35:03 PM
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Republican Signifer's Chiton, Moonfire Tanga

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