Thavnairian Nights

  A Gear Mod by Solona

Version: 1.0

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Thanks to DeviantArtist Irokichigai01 for the rip and Titan for the skin.

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This outfit replaces the mogstation princess attire with the outfit of a real princess ahem, sultan. Summoners get a bonus mod as well! Magic carpet ride anyone?

Set Translucency ON for all pieces or they'll be boring.

It's really just another DOA port. There are better outfits in this style by SE and Bizu; I made sure to not overwrite them so you and your friends can play harem.

Feel free to do whatever you like with this in whole or in part.

DM me if you have any major problems or good screenshots!


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Fri May 31 2019 06:33:48 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Faerie Tale Princess's Set

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