Lucian Prince's Jacket -Tight T-Shirt plus Options + Upscales

  A Gear Mod by Req Territory

Version: 1.35

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Titan Firm, Sel, natyusha for base bodies, Sapphire for testing and QC

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My take on the Lucian Prince's Jacket (Noctis top), replacing the inner shirt with a tight-fitting one. Also included are variations on Chest sizes, T-shirt cuts, colorsets, and ability to hide left wrist guard.

Read the NOTES+INSTRUCTIONS file to install the mod and variations:

A: Five mesh choices: TF2Hentai chest with BBWVR butt clearance , default jacket length and shortened length, and CB3M with Vanilla Butt clearance (shortened jacket) "Sapphire Custom". UPDATE 6/8/19: Added CB3-NV chest with Megathicc clearance, both full jacket and shortened versions.
B: Plenty of Normal Maps Choices: Tight shirt up to waist connector (default), Belly Button showing, "Sports Bra", and "Boob Sash". UPDATE 6/8/19: Added Slightly See-thru versions of all four (See-thru at middle gradually to solid to sides)
C: Three Colorset options other than Default: Plain Shirt, Crossbones White Shirt, Plain White Shirt (white shirts are undyable)
D: Left wrist-guard is hide-able (Tail Show/Hide method). UPDATE 6/8/19: Added hiding Wristguard via Normal maps for those that have difficulty hiding Left Wristguard in TexTools 2.0.X.

UPDATE 6/18/19: Added TF2HEntai with Megathicc clearance full coat only. Requested by Erynn, this is made to clear Bunny's Faerie Tale Princess Long Skirt XL.
UPDATE 10/19/19: Added neckfix for CB3-NV Shortened Jacket, TTMP2 only

Please do not upload this mod to any other public site or place, or use for paid private mods.

Thanks again to everyone that likes my mods!

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Lucian Prince's Jacket

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