DS3 Weapon Pack

  A Gear Mod by Vantalan

Version: 1.0

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FromSoftware, Inc for the model and textures

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Here it is, the Dark Souls 3 Weapon Pack! I tried to find a cool or well-known weapon for every class. Sadly, the book lovers and Astros come up empty. Each weapon has its own ttmp file if you so choose to only install a select few.
Replacements are as follows.

Avelyn – Blue Steel and the Aetherpack
Frayed Blade – Bokuto
Solaire Shield – Skjoldr
Crystal Rapier – True Ice Degen
Wolf Knights Greatshield – Doman Steel Shield
Irithyll Straight Sword – Giantsgall Longsword
Crystal Staff – Giantsgall Cane
Caestus – Giantsgall Claws
Dragonslayer Swordspear – Giantsgall Trident
Dragonslayer Greataxe – Giantsgall War Axe
Darkmoon Longbow – Giantsgall Longbow
Fume Ultra GS – Giantsgall Guillotine
Gotthard Twinswords – Giantsgall Cleavers
Izalith Catalyst – Giantsgall Longstaff

- The Giantsgall weapons will also change their PVP counterparts without any errors.
- Avelyn will replace ALL Aetherpacks with one that is invisible. So, if you wish to keep your Aetherpack, only install the Blue Steel files.
- I tried to fix clipping as much as possible as well as colorsets. However, it was only truly tested on Au Ra Male. You are warned.
- Enjoy! 😄 Textools 1.x Compatible!


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